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“If you care about A-team writing and are a junkie about the epoch covered, there aren’t many more ticklish 90 minutes around right now."

- Mike Smith

“Smiling Through the Apocalypse is a treat for any journalist, history fan, or pop culture aficionado to watch, with its happy narrative and inspirational, larger-than-life character of Harold Hayes.”

- Gabriella Tutino, Highbrow Magazine

HiDef Standard

"Makes you want to set your time machine to land in late-1960s Manhattan... This was a swinging New, a drug-fueled thunderdome of a place, an urban fantasia that valued deeply accomplished journalism as much as it did cultural hedonism, and this doc does a noble job of showing how Esquire at the time bridged the bright-eyed Norman Rockwell image of the 1950s and the pessimism and self-entitlement of the 1980s."

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“A treasure trove of inside-baseball stuff for anyone who loves magazines.”   - Patrick Sauer


"A Lovingly told recollection.."

- Belle McIntyre


“..informative, good fun.." 

- Ed Rampell


- Mike Kaspar

A Beast of an Editor

"This film should not be missed, especially by those interested in the publishing world and its immense potential for intellectual sophistication”

- Brian Clarey


By Roxana Vosough

Skillfully edited and energetically paced, Smiling Through provides a memorable time capsule for those who miss the smart magazines that will never return.


By Stephen Farber

A journalistically inspiring documentary that takes us on a ride through the ’60s via some of the era’s greatest magazine writers, photographers and editors.


By Ashley Bailey


By Bob Dorn

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By Susan Gilmor

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By Brian Clarey

" A compelling film on both journalistic and personal levels.”

- Hap Erstein

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